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THE Rock

Happy Wednesday!

I am patiently waiting for the weather to let up again so I can paint THE rock :). I had been gifted this rock last year, and have made it a "thing" to decorate for the holidays or special occasions. When I mean "gifted" I mean, my neighbor yelled at me and asked if I wanted the 300 lb boulder on her lawn. I laughed, she laughed, my boyfriend didn't laugh. He ended up rolling the rock down the sidewalk for 2 houses. He plopped it in the middle by my tree, and it sat there for awhile. Eventually I was given an ultimatum and I had to find a home for it. Just an FYI 2019 was my outdoor makeover. I can't wait to post all the pictures when the flowers fully erupt!

If you wanted to do this just some quick tips:

1. Scrub the rock to get all the dirt off

2. I used painters tape to tape off a oval - (still had overspray .. and painted my mulch, so be mindful of things around the rock)

3. Use white spray paint - (I used Rustoleum)

4. Choose outdoor paint for your "mural" - (I used FolkArt outdoor paint)

5. Get yourself a paint brush kit - (This is just the one I bought.. mostly for the larger brushes)

6. Get yourself a painters palette

7. Find your design and get painting! I found it easier to "practice" and "draft"on paper first!

8. After painting, seal it with clear coat spray paint. Please note that the paint DOES wear off due to weather, I think my rock made it a few months (the 296 - in the summer).

9. Stand back and take pictures ;) I'd love to see some others.

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for our safety tips.

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