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Behr Deckover Painting

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Good Morning!

A little background.. I have a super large 3 tier deck that is probably close to 15-20 years old. When I first moved in, It had never been taken care of and realistically probably was never stained. I tried Behr stain that looked like gray paint the first time I tried to stain it 2 years ago and it peeled extremely bad within the first year. In addition, the hot tub we tore out destroyed some of the boards with moisture and mold so I had to replace those this year. A lot of my tips and tricks will be more based on older decks, just a heads up!

OK! Onto the product review. The Behr Deckover paint had a lawsuit recently and they had to reformulate their paint and it is now called "Advanced Deckover". I was brave enough to give this paint a try because it can fill up to a 1/4" gaps, which I needed! Unfortunately I will not know until Spring 2021 if it will make it through the harsh winter. Fingers crossed!

Supplies (Home Depot)

Prep Work: 1-2 days depending on size and condition of deck

1. Clean Deck

Recommended Product: All-In-One Deck Cleaner

2. Remove Lattice (optional for cleaning and painting)

3. Power Wash (3000 + PSI)

Recommended Product:

4. Fill in cracks (optional). You will want to wait the correct amount of time for this to dry before painting.

Recommended Product:

5. Replace old boards (optional)

**Note that if you get treated wood you should let it sit and not paint for a few weeks to a few months. Click below for more information on how to tell if your boards are ready to be painted.,the%20wood%20can%20be%20painted.

6. Sanding(highly recommended if deck has previous paint chipping, etc)

Recommended Product:

Painting Day!


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