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Zesty Salsa - Water Bath Method

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Question: Who has an overload of tomatoes every summer? I do! I have 5 roma tomato plants and various beefsteak, heirloom and cherry tomato. If you plan accordingly, you will be able to make salsa, canned tomato sauce and not have to bother buying anything from the store for months on end. I highly recommend making these recipes on your own. They even taste better than store bought! I have used this recipe for 5+ years and have never once had a complaint, it is my GO TO every year.

Just some quick notes:

  1. There is a YouTube Video @ the bottom to help give you an idea of the work put into canning.

  2. Roma tomatoes are best for canning.

  3. Start to finish if you do everything from scratch will be approximately 4 hours.

  4. There is a link to the original recipe if you want to follow the 1/2 batch OR If you would like to see the recipe in terms of how many cups of chopped vegetables are required, but I have modified to what works for me.

  5. A full batch gave me 5 pints, and 8 (1/2) pints. For some reason I always end up with more cans than I am supposed to. (Original recipe says it should only make 6 pints, oops?)

  6. Make sure you have brand new lids for your mason jars if you are re-using, and always make sure you heat the jars before pouring the hot salsa into them. I have had an explosion before from not doing this properly.

  7. When I say LARGE in the ingredients, I mean it. Medium is always too hard to comprehend in recipes.

  8. The recipe is printable! I did a DIY on learning HTML coding just for you!

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