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Wine-O Decorations

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hi Guys!

I am actually working on these for our wedding (that had to be moved to next year..oh well?) Anyways, These are the easiest things on the planet for center pieces. I am still debating how to use the light up bottles, but I thought I would give some tips on removing the labels and the lights I used.

1. Ask friends for wine bottles..... just be careful.. I ended up with over 100 bottles and I only needed 10-20 ;)

2. Buy yourself a good adhesive remover. I borrowed my neighbors 3M Adhesive Remover.

If you google... you can find people who say baking soda and water work just as well... trust me it does not.

3. If using the 3M Adhesive Remover, you will want to spray the sticker directly and let it sit for a little bit.. some sticker are harder to remove than others, so really... 10 minutes for the easy ones, and more scraping or more time for the others.

4. You DON'T have to remove the stickers if you like the sticker on the bottle, but I chose to.

(Please note this is a work in progress, I will be back later to add more information)

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1 comentario

Hi Chelsea,

I absolutely love the wine bottles with the lights! I’m going t make sum for my back patio. Hopefully we’ll get to see you & Sam before the wedding!

Love Aunt Viola

Me gusta
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