Bird House - Recreation

Updated: May 25, 2020

Hey guys!

(Sorry for the delay! needed more tools and was on vacation in PA this past weekend!)

Here is a quick video of the bird house I am going to recreate. I actually received this as a birthday present a couple years ago, and had re-done once already, just to have the squirrels attack it again! I plan to add some anti-squirrel design to the new one!

Please enjoy the process, as this is my first time making one from scratch!

Shopping List:

Wood - You can use whatever type of wood you have lying around. I would suggest cedar that is meant/treated for outdoors. I am using leftover privacy fence panels.

(enter picture)

Wood router - If you plan to make grooves you will need one of these. The bit you need is not included, you will have to purchase separately, the links are below.

Roofing of your choosing - I went to the decorative molding aisle at home depot and brought home some samples.

Bird Perch - Be creative! You will need a perch of some sort. I chose a wooden dowel, just in case the squirrels eat my perch again.

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